Uncompromised Caffè

Handpicked, single origin, additive-free coffee from the world’s best coffee estates. Roasted and grinded to perfection. Encapsulated to lock in all aromas.

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The perfect caffè, with the best coffee beans Journey

The perfect caffè, with the best coffee beans

Fioresso’s coffee professionals travel the world to source the best coffee, produced by farmers who care. All Fioresso coffee is Single Origin, meaning it comes from a specific region to guarantee a consistent quality. We only use 100% Arabica beans without any additives. This results in a pure, intense caffè.

Hand picked & hand washed Journey

Hand picked & hand washed

The beans are hand picked, selecting the best beans. Then the harvest is manually checked, washed and dried.

Traditionally roasted to perfection Journey

Traditionally roasted to perfection

The coffee beans are carefully roasted in small batches according to classic roasting methods to bring out the full flavour. No blends, we use just one type of high quality Arabica beans per Caffè.

Grinded with precision Journey

Grinded with precision

The grinding is another delicate aspect of the caffè journey: too coarse and you’ll loose a lot of flavour. A couple of microns make all the difference.

Capturing the aromas Capsule

Capturing the aromas

The patented Fioresso capsule is designed to preserve all the precious aromas and ensures an optimal extraction. Every capsule holds 6.5 grams of pure coffee preserved at its best quality.

Superior extraction technology

Superior extraction technology

With a high quality capsule comes a superior extraction process: the patented Dynamic Injector System. In the first step of the process 18 needles pierce the lid and let in a small amount of water to release the aromas inside the capsule. Next, more pressure is applied, forcing the second set of needles into the bottom of the capsule and the perfect Caffè is extracted.



The Fioresso capsules and their lids are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene and can be disposed off with regular household refuse. Expensive recycling as with aluminium capsules or lengthy composting is no longer necessary. They are among the lightest on the market and can carry up to 18% more coffee than similar capsules without additional weight. Less weight in packaging means less waste.


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