Espresso Machine

No nonsense Espresso

The precision of the famous Italian barista mixed with a beautiful piece of renowned durable Swiss technology.

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A true piece of art Design

A true piece of art

With Fioresso’s elegant and organic design, the espresso machine blends into any environment beautifully. Timeless elegance. A pleasure to see, a pleasure to touch.

Design Features

  • Durable anodized aluminium body

    Durable anodized aluminium body

    A beautiful curved body from anodized aluminium provides a durable scratch resistant surface combined with the elegant look and feel.

  • Detachable 0,7 L water reservoir

    Detachable 0,7 L water reservoir

    The water tank shape mimics the shape of the aluminium body, completing the symmetrical, circular design. It’s topped off by a heavy lid with the elegant slate-like look.

  • Intuitive touch control panel

    Intuitive touch control panel

    Conveniently create the perfect espresso or ristretto with the intuitive touch control panel. Choose your preferred size -ristretto or espresso- or tune the coffee to your taste by pressing the temperature and water volume backlit icons.

  • Compact


    Revolutionary compact footprint: only 180mm in diameter and 210mm in height.

  • Detachable drip tray

    Detachable drip tray

    The drip tray has a magnetic lock so it can easily be removed for cleaning or to place a taller cup.

  • Available in three colours

    Available in three colours

    Choose your favourite colour: black, silver or red.

Durable anodized aluminium body Detachable 0,7 L water reservoir Intuitive touch control panel Compact Detachable drip tray Available in three colours
Made with Swiss precision Technology

Made with Swiss precision

The Fioresso espresso machine is fine-tuned to emulate a highly skilled barista. Making sure that every caffè it serves is perfect. Again and again and again.


  • Revolutionary all-in-one pump

    Revolutionary all-in-one pump

    The pump merges 3 traditional components (the pump, heater and flow control) into one, thus making it smaller, more silent and extremely energy efficient. Yet it’s still very powerful, capable of providing up to 25 bars of pressure.

  • Extremely energy efficient

    Extremely energy efficient

    The Fioresso all in one pump only heats up the amount of water needed for a single extraction. This makes the machine extremely energy efficient.

  • Very silent

    Very silent

    Because of the small footprint of the all-in- one pump, The Fioresso espresso machine is also very silent. You have to hear it to believe it.

  • Adjustable temperature and volume

    Adjustable temperature and volume

    To make the perfect caffè is a delicate process. Changing the temperature or the amount of water will adjust the taste of the caffè. With the Fioresso machine you can tune the temperature and the volume of the caffè to your personal preference.

  • Unique brewing head

    Unique brewing head

    Unique, compact brewing head with patented dynamic injector system to equalize water pressure distribution, and pre-moistening to dissolve aromatic oils in the caffè.

Revolutionary all-in-one pump Extremely energy efficient Very silent Adjustable temperature and volume Unique brewing head

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