Traditionally produced coffee, with a fair price for the farmers. From quality-selected coffee plantations. Roasted and ground to perfection.

Packaged in unique environmentally friendly capsules, made from sustainable Solinatra® material. Fioresso capsules thus are completely natural and plant-based, without fossil material and without any microplastics residue.

The perfect coffee from the best coffee beans

Fioresso’s coffee experts select the best coffee for you. Coffee produced by farmers who care about their product, of course without additives, with respect for the environment. Naturally packed in special sustainable capsules. The result: a pure, intense caffè.


The beans are picked by hand, so only the best beans are selected. The harvest is then also washed and dried naturally.

Traditionally all the way
roasted to perfection

The coffee beans are roasted with care in small quantities. This is done using traditional methods to achieve the full aroma. We only use high quality beans, selected by our experts.

Ground with precision

Grinded with precision

Grinding is also an aspect of the coffee process that requires careful attention: grind too coarsely and much of the flavour is lost. A few microns more or less make all the difference.

Het malen is ook een aspect in het koffietraject dat nauw luistert: iets te grof gemalen en er gaat veel van de smaak verloren. Enkele microns meer of minder maken al het verschil.

Capturing the aromas

The patented Fioresso capsule is made of Solinatra®. Solinatra has been developed to substitute plastic and aluminum in coffee capsules, so that you can enjoy coffee with ease and without polluting. It is made from agricultural residual material, is 100% natural and plant-based, is completely biodegradable, contains no plastics and therefore leaves no microplastics behind. The Fioresso capsule contains 5.5 grams of sustainable pleasure.

Truly sustainable!

The Fioresso capsules are made of the unique, fully biodegradable material Solinatra®. The capsules can be disposed of with the organic waste or used on your own compost heap. Expensive recycling such as with aluminium capsules or plastic capsules is no longer necessary. The Fioresso capsules are completely natural and contain no fossil materials. This means that no microplastics are released during composting. The capsules also do not contain PFAS.

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