Fioresso capsule

Everyone knows: plastic and aluminium are very polluting to the environment and also require a lot of energy during production and recycling. Recycling actually means downcycling and the production of new aluminium capsules always requires virgin aluminium.

The sustainable Fioresso capsule, made of 100% natural Solinatra®, can be used in Nespresso® devices*.

* brand of a third party Fioresso is not affiliated with.

Completely natural
and fully biodegradable

Fioresso chooses for a completely natural and fully biodegradable product, made entirely from natural residual materials. We simply add another step to the natural circle of growth to compost. We make a capsule from the residual material, which simply composts into fertile garden soil in the organic waste or on the compost heap after you have used it.

This material is made by Solinatra®, a Dutch company that specialises in sustainable solutions to replace plastic and aluminium single use products and packaging with fully natural plant-based material.


Solinatra uses residual materials from agriculture. Parts of the plants that are not used for our food. As shown in the image on the right: plants grow, we enjoy the fruits, the rest of the plants remain behind. Usually this residual material composts back into fertile soil, on which new plants can grow. Solinatra adds two steps to this: the residual parts of the plants are turned into a replacement for plastic, and we use them to make the beautiful Fioresso capsules so that you can enjoy the coffee responsibly. After you dispose of the capsules they compost in the same way as the plant material they are made from, creating fertile soil on which new plants can grow.