Stop The Plastic Soup!

Fioresso introduces coffee capsules made from the completely natural and biodegradable material Solinatra®. Material that does not leave microplastics behind, but composts into quality garden soil.

Microplastics are a danger to our health. Did you know that plastic production accounts for 4% of the world’s total CO2 emissions? That is twice as much as global aviation emissions. Did you also know that the production of aluminium causes enormous pollution (“red mud”), poisoning the environment and its habitats? And that recycled aluminium can no longer be used for coffee capsules? That doesn’t seem like much in case of only one capsule. But 90 billion coffee capsules are used worldwide every year.

That is why Fioresso chooses a circular product. Solinatra® developed a completely natural and plant-based material to replace plastic and aluminium, especially for coffee capsules. So that everyone can enjoy coffee in a responsible manner.

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