He thought that the perfect espresso machine already existed

It was a frustrating idea. Frustrating to know that the espresso he was served everywhere in Italy always remained an illusion at home where he could find neither the right coffees nor the right machine. But this didn’t stop Jack (this story is all about him, after all). It took him five years, but in 2017 he could proudly present a system that passed every one of his tests: the Fioresso machine that takes only Fioresso coffee capsules. Made in Switzerland.

The fact that his quest would lead him to Switzerland wasn’t part of the plan but it wasn’t so strange either. In an espresso machine, the pump is a crucial factor. This is the part that ensures that the machine builds up enough pressure. While standard pumps didn’t do the job, Jack found what he was looking for in a completely different sector: the medical industry. Here, pumps had to satisfy exact specifications because patients’ lives were at stake.

Technologically incomparable
He had found the pump. Now to build the machine. Here again, Swiss expertise in technology came to the rescue. Due to its pioneering technology, a Fioresso machine is simply miles ahead of any existing machines.

The Fioresso machine, for example, makes it possible to set the temperature exactly. And as coffee connoisseurs know: a few degrees difference in the temperature will turn the same coffee beans into two completely different beverages. A fine adjustment allows the consumer to vary the temperature from 88 to 94 degrees Celsius to optimise the fine tuning of the espresso experience.

One pump, six patents
This ingenious Fioresso pump was awarded no fewer than six patents. After all, Fioresso makes no compromises on quality. In other machines, the capsules lie on their side inside the device. Not in the Fioresso machine: here, the water flows from top to bottom according to the laws of gravity. As it does so, a flow heater heats the water in two steps.

Another striking feature is that the pump works so quietly – unlike many less expensive machines that build up their pressure to the accompaniment of quite a racket. The pressure is usually between 10 and 14 bar, depending on the chosen setting, but this little powerhouse can even generate a pressure of up to 21 (!) bar.

Variations on Fioresso espresso
The Fioresso espresso machine has a range of ten cup sizes when it comes to the amount it produces, each size varying by just 2 ml. It has two main settings: espresso and ristretto. The amount produced is exactly what the specifications indicate – and not a single drop more. The machine includes a drip catcher, but its main function is to accommodate the height of the glass or cup. The last little drops are automatically absorbed to eliminate any splashing. The Fioresso machine uses only Fioresso capsules. These capsules contain 50% more coffee than others do. And, instead of three perforations made in them, this machine makes 18 so that the entire contents of the capsule come into contact with the hot water.

20,000 cups
The quality of the machine is so good that Fioresso claims it will operate smoothly to produce 20,000 cups. If you’re used to drinking three cups of espresso a day, this means you’ll still be doing so 20 years from buying your machine. And if something does go wrong, the quality of the service is just as good. You’ll be given another machine on loan until you get yours back. If descaling is necessary, the machine will indicate this itself.

Also easy to take along
Its convenient size also means that you can take it with you. What about the boat or your own holiday home? There’s even a special leather carrying case to transport your Fioresso machine in style.

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