Swiss Manor department store locations get the European Fioresso premiere

The weekend of 7 September promises to be an historic weekend for the connoisseurs of the very best espresso. This is when the new coffee brand – Fioresso – will make its official debut on the international market. Switzerland will have the honour of being the first country in Europe to become acquainted with the latest coffee sensation. The venues? First, the Manor’s location in Chavanne (Nyon). Three weeks later, the Manor locations in Lausanne and Sion.

No fewer than five years of preparation have gone into this introduction. To make a long story short: Jack, the Dutch coffee connoisseur, could no longer stand the fact that he couldn’t drink the same kind of espresso that’s the norm on any piazza in Italy. So he decided to develop his own concept: the perfect symbiosis of barista, coffee beans and machine.

Coffee from Ethiopia and Costa Rica

Its development involved a long-term process. It was on the plateaus of Ethiopia and Costa Rica that he discovered the coffee plantations that produced the exclusive beans he was after. These are coffee beans that cost many more times the price of standard coffee on the international markets; one reason for this is that they are hand-picked.

A producer of medical equipment

He found the expertise for the machine in Switzerland – not at one of the recognised makers of espresso machines but at a producer of medical equipment. Many prototypes later, a machine was developed that when used with the right coffee could emulate the Italian barista: the espresso machine reminiscent of piazzas and little sidewalk cafés from Palermo to Milan is now available everywhere.

Fioresso’s European launch

When deciding where to introduce Fioresso, Jack ‘rewarded’ the Swiss for making available their expertise in the field of technology. At the Manor locations, he then found the allure appropriate to a lifestyle brand like Fioresso. Both the machines and the coffee capsules (Fioresso is starting with two flavours with more to come soon) will be sold there. The brand has its own shop at these locations where the opening weekends would be celebrated in style.

And forget the Champagne…for the real coffee connoisseur, only an authentic Italian espresso made by Fioresso will do.

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