Stop The Plastic Soup!

Fioresso introduces coffee capsules made from the completely natural and biodegradable material Solinatra®. Material that does not leave microplastics behind, but composts into quality garden soil.

Fioresso: Sustainability First!

In addition to a farmer- and environmentally friendly approach to the selection of coffees, the environment also plays a major role in Fioresso capsules.

The Fioresso capsule: the capsule that should never have been introduced

The capsule: it seems like a detail in the process of developing Fioresso, the new international coffee concept that would introduce real Italian espresso to the homes of consumers. But to Jack, the Dutch coffee connoisseur who would create Fioresso, there are no such thing as details. ‘Uncompromised. Caffè.’: it’s no coincidence that this is what Fioresso is all about. Even though this would mean that a ‘simple’ capsule would radically differ from all other coffee capsules yet available.

Swiss Manor department store locations get the European Fioresso premiere

The weekend of 7 September promises to be an historic weekend for the connoisseurs of the very best espresso. This is when the new coffee brand – Fioresso – will make its official debut on the international market. Switzerland will have the honour of being the first country in Europe to become acquainted with the latest coffee sensation. The venues? First, the Manor’s location in Chavanne (Nyon). Three weeks later, the Manor locations in Lausanne and Sion.

He thought that the perfect espresso machine already existed

It was a frustrating idea. Frustrating to know that the espresso he was served everywhere in Italy always remained an illusion at home where he could find neither the right coffees nor the right machine. But this didn’t stop Jack (this story is all about him, after all). It took him five years, but in 2017 he could proudly present a system that passed every one of his tests: the Fioresso machine that takes only Fioresso coffee capsules. Made in Switzerland.

A Dutch flair for Italian espresso

Strange but true: although you’ll never find a coffee tree growing in the Netherlands, this country is still a major player in the coffee industry. Here, it’s not about plantations but roasting facilities. The Netherlands has been roasting coffee since the 16th century when the ships of the Dutch East India Company brought the first coffee from ‘the East’. But coffee roasting seldom reaches such heights of perfection as it does with Royal Taste Coffee where Frederique Thiessens is a coffee tasting professional as well as a coffee connoisseur whose opinion counts in the Netherlands. And she has a very high opinion of a certain leading brand: Fioresso.

Fioresso launches its first two espresso flavours

One is called Sidamo; the other has been named Bella Vista. These are the first two espresso flavours with which the new Fioresso coffee concept made its debut onto the international market. And these are just the first two since many more are yet to come. But Fioresso’s introduction is much more than just the launch of two flavours. Above all, this prestigious brand exemplifies a completely new coffee experience. ‘Uncompromised. Caffè.’ is what it’s called at the Fioresso website (